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Along with sound healthcare advice, down-to-earth customer service and competitive pricing for prescription medications (we can price match in most cases), we also offer a range of services such as:

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Breast Pump Hire (Medela Symphony)

Breast Pump Hire

We hire out the Medela Symphony double breast pump, as used by many maternal health hospitals such as the Royal Womens, St Vincents, Mercy, & Mitcham Private Hospitals.



$40 per week

$150 per 4 weeks (must be hired as a 4-week block)



We take a photocopy of your credit card and driver's licence.

You must have a credit card. We do not charge anything onto the credit card for a deposit, however the breast pump are very expensive and the credit card will be charged if the pump is lost, stolen or damaged.


If it is your first time hiring a Medela Symphony breast pump, you will also need to purchase a Symphony Double Breastpump attachment kit. They must be purchased, not hired, in compliance with hygiene standards.


Crutches Hire

Crutches Hire

We have aluminum forearm and underarm crutches for hire.



$15 per week



$60 (refundable upon return)

Digitial Photo Developing

Digital Photo Developing

We have a digital photo developing kiosk that produces instant prints while you wait.

You can print 6 x 4" and 6 x 8" sizes & backup your photos onto a CD on the spot, or arrange your photos into a variety of different products such as calendars, canvas and mugs. Such products are made off-site and then delivered to the pharmacy for your collection within a short period of time.


Cost per print:

6 x 4" - 22c

6 x 8" - 89c


There is also a flat kiosk fee of $2.99 per session.


See instore for pricing for other creative products.



Doctor's Surgery

Doctor's Surgery

Dr Chan & Dr Wu's medical clinic are next door to us at 272A Smith street, Collingwood. Entry is through their own front entrance or via the pharmacy.

Both doctors have extensive experience as GPs and have been looking after the local community for many years, and carry an amazing rapport with their patients. They speak Cantonese & Mandarin, and have receptionist who can also interpret for Vietnamese-speaking patients.


Both doctors bulk billed Medicare. Due to their popularity, it is best to call ahead to make an appointment.


Operating hours:

Monday - Friday:     9am - 7pm

Saturday:                 9am - 3pm

Sunday:                      CLOSED


Phone: (03) 9419 8585


Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

We do ear piercing of the ear lobes only. No piercing of upper parts of the ear, nose or body parts. We do not pierce babies or young children.




$29.95 - includes piercing of the lobes with a pair of Medistud sterilised stud earrings



Come in to see our selection of studs. It is advised to call ahead to make an appointment.


Our ear piercing procedures are in compliance with the Yarra City Council regulations & the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

Faxing services

Faxing Services

We can send and receive faxes on your behalf.


Free Blood pressure & Glucose monitoring

Blood pressure glucose monitoring

We offer FREE blood pressure monitoring and glucose testing, as part of our dedication to looking after the community's wellbeing. No catches, no obligation to buy or sign up to anything. 


Ringing to book advance is recommended, however we welcome walk-in appointments as well.


If you are wanting to check your sugar levels, it is best to do a fasting glucose level, either testing before you eat or waiting at least 3 hours after having food.

Medication packing

Medication packing

Being on many different types of medications and remembering all the different time regimes can be very confusing and difficult, therefore why not take the stress and worry out of taking your medications correctly and use our medication packing service.


Medication is packed as a weekly supply, either in a Webster-pak blister system or dosette box.


You can leave all your various boxes and bottles with us, as well as your prescriptions. We store them all safely for you, help remind you when you need to see the doctor for more prescriptions, and have the blister/box ready for you to pick up and go. If you ever move or decide you'd like to go back to looking after your own medications, you can do so - there's no contracts or lock-ins.


Feel free to come in and let us show you how it all works and makes life easier for you.






Webster-pak blister system:               $3.50 per week


Dosette box*:                                            $2.50 per week



*Note: Dosette boxes need to be purchased. They then become your property and can be taken with

you when you leave.

NDSS agent


We are partners with Diabetes Australia and participate as a supplier for the National Diabetes Services Scheme.


Registered members can access subsidised diabetes-related materials such as testing strips and syringes through us as an access point agent. Just present your NDSS or Medicare card to access what you need.


If you are not a member and have been newly diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, speak to us to how you can register for the scheme.


We'll do our best to support you, so feel free to ask us more about diabetes, diet and lifestyle, how to use your glucometer and download your results.



Come in and speak to us about how you can receive a free glucometer

*Certain criteria apply

ParcelPoint Pickup Station


We are now an official pickup point for PARCELPOINT!

When you shop online on popular sites such as Uniqlo, CrazySales, Saba, Marcs, and Groupon to name a few, you can choose Newton & Leung Pharmacy as your parcel pick up point. We are open longer hours and weekends compared to your local post office, so you can get your exciting new purchase more easily at a time that suits you.

Just look out for the ParcelPoint icon when you check out during your online shopping and choose Newton & Leung Pharmacy as your convenient pickup location.

Passport photography


We offer an instant passport photo service. 


Using a digital camera, we can take a photo that you are happy with before we print it out. Pre-set Australian Passport photo template on our photo developing kiosk ensures we can adjust your portrait size to satisfy the government requirements.


We can also adjust the portrait size to accommodate standards for passport and visa for several other countries as well.




4 identical passport photos: $12.95



We run pharmacotherapy programs for Methadone & Suboxone.


Come in and speak to us if you would like to know more, and to check if we have spots available. 



We have a black & white photocopier for your photocopy needs.


It can stack feed, do double sided photocopying, reductions and enlargements to A3 size.

**NEW** FREE Delivery

Free Delivery
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